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Malaysia Airlines Parent Company Urged to Share Plans for In-Flight Catering Solution: Report

The parent company of Malaysia Airlines has faced calls to disclose its plans for an in-flight catering solution. Concerns have arisen over the quality and sustainability of food services provided on the airline’s flights. Shareholders and passengers alike are eager to learn about potential improvements and updates in this crucial aspect of the travel experience.


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KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), which serves as the parent company of Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB), is facing increasing scrutiny from the public regarding the ongoing in-flight catering issue. This comes in the wake of MAG’s decision to terminate its 26-year partnership with Brahim’s Food Services Sdn Bhd (BFS), which has led to widespread criticism of the deteriorating in-flight dining experience.

In response to the mounting concerns and negative feedback from passengers, a prominent corporate figure has called upon MAG to adopt a more transparent approach by revealing its long-term plans to address the catering debacle that has plagued the national carrier.
The decision to sever ties with BFS, a longstanding partner known for providing in-flight meals, has sparked controversy and prompted questions about the alternative arrangements that MAG intends to put in place. Passengers have voiced their disappointment with the perceived decline in the quality of in-flight food services since the change was implemented.

The appeal for transparency comes as a critical step in regaining public trust and addressing the concerns of passengers who have relied on Malaysia Airlines for their travel needs. Passengers are eager to know how MAG plans to rectify the situation and ensure that the in-flight dining experience returns to its previous standards of excellence.
In response to these calls for greater openness, industry experts and concerned stakeholders are eagerly awaiting MAG’s official statement outlining its future plans for in-flight catering. The public expects clarity on the strategies and partnerships that will be put into place to ensure that Malaysia Airlines regains its reputation for providing top-quality in-flight dining experiences.

The spotlight on this issue highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing customer concerns within the aviation industry. As Malaysia Airlines seeks to navigate these challenges, the public and its loyal passengers remain hopeful for a swift and satisfactory resolution to the ongoing catering debacle.