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Cyber Attack on ATM To Steal Secret Data

Kuala Lumpur: Armed Forces Chief General Tan Sri Affendi Buang confirmed that the Armed forces data network and information on the website was being targeted in a recent cyber attack. 

In a statement, he revealed that the attack was detected by the Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division (BSEP) and the ATM Cyber Defence Operations Centre (CDOC).

He said the network had implemented a segregation network to hide the actual classified data, due to which the attackers failed to affect the actual operations of the portal.

He said as soon as the attack was detected, CDOC implemented data traffic to hide crucial data and mask the data that is being targeted by the hackers.

He confirmed that there were ongoing attempts of cyber attack on information networks owned by the defence ministry and the Armed Forces, adding that they would stay vigilant in protecting important databases from being hacked.