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Abu Sayyaf Groups’ 8 Terrorists Handed Over To Philippines

Eight members of the notorious Abu Sayyaf group, who were arrested by Malaysian authorities earlier this month, were handed over to Philippines Security Forces today. All the members were handed over to Philippines authorities today at 8.30 AM in the water bordering Malaysia and Philippines, Sabah police commissioner Hazani Ghazali said.

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Abu Sayyaf group’s eight members were handed over to the Philippines Security Forces today morning, weeks after they were arrested by Malaysian authorities. All members were arrested as a result of an intensified intelligence operations conducted by the Malaysian Security Forces.

During the raid, Malaysian authorities also arrested two most dreaded leaders– Sansibar Bensio and Mabar Binda– along with other members.

The special operation against the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) was conducted in Jalan Taman Sri Arjuna, Beaufort, Sabah, under the command of Col. Hernanie Songano.

The ASG member, who is also linked with ISIL, is active in Philippines and follows the Wahabi doctrine. The Jihadi group usually attacks civilians as pirates in South East Asia. According to authorities, more than 80 members of ASG had been arrested since 2014.