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Malaysia Sends Local Horror Movie ‘Roh’ For Oscars 2021

Malaysia has chosen the art-house horror film “Soul” famously known as “Roh” as its contender in the 93rd Academy Awards for the best international feature film category.

The Spine-tingling spooky movie is a low budget Malaysian horror production and the first feature film by director Emir Ezwan. The film is set in a vague period in the past and narrates the story of the arrival small girl who brings ominous predictions and strange incidents to a very poor family living in a forest.

The selection of the film for the Oscars was made by a special committee established by the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) as the story fits the Academy Awards’ criteria of film direction, storyline, cinematography, acting, and, music score.

The thriller movie is based on two kids and a mother who set in the past and revolves around a family in a jungle.

The 93rd Oscars is scheduled to be held in April 2021.