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Malaysian Film “Abang Adik” Strikes Gold at Box Office and International Film Festivals : Report

Abang Adik” triumphs in Malaysian and Taiwanese box offices, grossing RM5.2 million and NT$90 million, respectively, by portraying the universal theme of love. At Italy’s Far East Film Festival, the film makes history by winning three main prizes. It also secures the top prize at the New York Asian Film Festival and receives seven nominations at the Golden Horse Awards. The movie’s global success highlights its ability to connect with audiences worldwide.

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Malaysian film “Abang Adik” has not only dominated the local box office, grossing RM5.2 million since its release on Dec 14, but has also made waves in Taiwan, securing an impressive NT$90 million (RM13.5 million) since its premiere on Dec 1. The movie’s success is attributed to its portrayal of the universally-relatable human experience of love.

Box Office Triumphs: Malaysian Box Office:

“Abang Adik” has become a sensation in Malaysia, grossing RM5.2 million within weeks of its release. The heartwarming story of the strong bond between two brothers facing life’s challenges together has resonated with audiences, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

Taiwanese Box Office:

The film’s success transcends borders, making it the highest-grossing Malaysian film in Taiwan. Audiences in Taiwan have flocked to theaters, prompting distributors to add more showtimes to meet the high demand. Taiwanese actor Wu Kang Ren, who plays the titular “Abang,” credits the movie’s global success to its portrayal of the universally-relatable human experience of love.

International Film Festival Accolades:

Far East Film Festival (Italy): “Abang Adik” made history by sweeping the three main prizes at Italy’s Far East Film Festival last April. This marked the first time a South-East Asian (and Malaysian) film achieved such a feat, further cementing its place in international cinema.

New York Asian Film Festival:

The film clinched the top prize at the 22nd New York Asian Film Festival, showcasing its universal appeal and acclaim on the international stage.

Golden Horse Awards (Taipei):

“Abang Adik” earned seven nominations at the prestigious 60th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei. Wu Kang Ren claimed the Best Actor laurel for his portrayal of the deaf-mute Abang, while his on-screen brother, Tan, received a Best Supporting Actor nod for his role as the rebellious Adik. Despite not winning, Tan expressed happiness with the nomination, seeing it as an honor that opens doors for further recognition.


“Abang Adik” has not only charmed audiences in Malaysia and Taiwan but has also garnered critical acclaim on the international film festival circuit. The film’s success is a testament to its ability to portray the universally-relatable human experience of love, transcending cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries.