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Malaysian Police Band’s Impressive Cantonese Rendition of Beyond’s Hit Song Goes Viral: Report

In a remarkable display of musical talent, an all-Malay police band, known as the NEPD (North East Police Department) Band, has captured the hearts of netizens with their flawless rendition of the famous Cantopop song “Hai Kuo Tian Kong,” originally popularized by the iconic Hong Kong rock group Beyond in 1993.
The video, which runs for five minutes and forty seconds, features the band members donning their distinctive police uniforms and performing the song live at Gurney Plaza, a well-known shopping complex located in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The performance took place on Labour Day and was part of the “Be Smart, Stay Alert, Let’s Fight Scam, A Crime Prevention Programme” event, co-organized by the George Town police contingent headquarters, the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF), and Lions Club International District 308 B2.

What makes this performance particularly remarkable is the band’s exceptional ability to sing the song’s lyrics in flawless Cantonese, a language not native to Malaysia. As the band played their instruments, they managed to captivate and bewilder shoppers, many of whom spontaneously joined in singing along with them. The heartwarming climax of this spontaneous musical interaction was when the audience rewarded the NEPD Band with a standing ovation at the conclusion of their performance.

“Hai Kuo Tian Kong” holds a special place in Cantonese music history as it was the first Cantonese song to surpass 100 million views on YouTube. Beyond’s rendition of the song has become iconic in its own right, making the NEPD Band’s rendition all the more impressive and endearing to music enthusiasts and netizens alike.

This heartwarming and unexpected display of musical talent by the Malaysian police band has set social media abuzz, with the video garnering widespread attention and praise for its cultural significance and musical excellence. It serves as a testament to the power of music to bridge cultural boundaries and bring people together, even in the most unexpected of settings.