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Malaysian Rapper Zamaera Organizes Malaysia’s First All-Female Music Festival : Report

Malaysian rapper Zamaera has made history by organizing Malaysia’s inaugural all-female music festival. This groundbreaking event empowers women in the music industry, providing a platform for female artists to showcase their talents and voices. Zamaera’s festival marks a significant step towards gender equality in the country’s music scene, celebrating diversity and female excellence.

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Malaysian rapper Zamaera is set to make history by organizing Queendom Fest, Malaysia’s first-ever all-female music festival. The event is scheduled for December 16 and will take place at Lalaport’s Central Rooftop in Bukit Bintang city center.

The festival lineup is exclusively female, from headliners to sound engineers and vendors. Zamaera herself will headline the event, joined by a talented group of female artists, including girl group Dolla, singers Meliha, The Impatient Sisters, and Lil Asian Thiccie, as well as rappers Hullera, SYA, and Yunohoo. Deejays MJisvicious and Jovynn will also contribute their talents to the festival.

Zamaera drew inspiration from popular local festivals like Good Vibes Festival and Hausboom Music, where she has previously performed. She recognized the underrepresentation of female artists in such events, with only 16% of performers being women at various festivals in the previous year.

Queendom Fest not only aims to showcase the incredible talent of female artists but also provides a platform for them to shine in the music industry. This groundbreaking festival promises to be a unique and empowering experience for music lovers in Malaysia, celebrating the diverse talents of women in the music scene.