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HomeMalaysia NewsMan Dies After Brawl In Selangor, Blood Stained Body Found On Road

Man Dies After Brawl In Selangor, Blood Stained Body Found On Road

A man has reportedly died after following a brawl at Selangaor’s Batu 9 On Monday. Kajang District Police said that they had received information regarding the fight in the evening. The police is looking into the matter and officials were deployed to the location. During the incident, that took place around 6.45 pm, the man was found lying with injuries on his body.

According to Harian Metro, the victim was in a blood-stained condition when a team of police arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene by medical officers present at the scene.

Following the incident, the authorities of the Criminal Investigation Division carried out a special operation to track down all the suspects involved in the incident. So far, the local police have managed to arrest five local men aged 39 to 48 who are believed to be involved in the fight.

“All of them were allowed to be remanded by the Kajang Court Magistrate for six days from today until August 8, 2021 to assist in the investigation of the case,” authorities said in a statement.