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MCA Party President Incumbent, Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, Faces Challenge in Upcoming Party Polls: Report

In an upcoming party election scheduled for September 24, Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, the incumbent President of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), will face a challenge from former central committee member Tan Chong Seng. Wee, expressing his gratitude, emphasized that this competition demonstrates the vitality of democracy within the party.

Wee Ka Siong conveyed his appreciation for the smooth process of selecting candidates for the MCA Central Committee, which also includes the Youth and Wanita wings. He called upon party delegates to entrust him with another mandate to continue developing the party and implementing reforms as needed.

  1. Wee outlined his commitment to three major reforms as part of his manifesto, aiming to rejuvenate and strengthen the MCA party. He expressed his dedication to making the MCA party more robust and better equipped to serve the people. Wee Ka Siong, designated as candidate number 2, appealed to delegates for their votes.

The MCA party is set to conduct its elections for the MCA Central Committee on September 24, with the Youth and Wanita wings’ elections taking place on September 23. The annual general assembly is scheduled for October 21 and October 22. – Bernama