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Minister of Communications and Digital Addresses Food Delivery Rider Road Safety Concerns: Report

The Minister of Communications and Digital has addressed concerns regarding the safety of food delivery riders on the roads. In a recent statement, the minister emphasized the importance of ensuring the well-being of these essential workers. Measures to enhance road safety, such as improved training and awareness campaigns, were discussed as part of the government’s commitment to safeguarding food delivery riders and the general public.

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In a recent development, the Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil, has taken proactive steps to address concerns surrounding the road safety and legal compliance of food delivery riders in Malaysia. This move comes after a food delivery rider had his motorcycle seized due to expired road tax and lack of insurance, prompting questions about the adherence to transportation laws in the industry.

Fahmi Fadzil acknowledged the gravity of the situation and shared his efforts on Twitter, stating, “We all know the case of the motorcycle of a foodpanda rider that was seized in Nilai recently, due to his road tax expiring and that the motorcycle didn’t have insurance.” To tackle this issue, he convened a meeting with representatives from food delivery platforms, the Road Transport Department (JPJ), the Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD), and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

During the meeting, Fahmi Fadzil highlighted the prevalence of multi-platform riders in Malaysia, estimating their number to be close to 200,000. He also drew attention to the concerning statistic that out of 1,242 road accidents reported until May 2022, 112 delivery riders had tragically lost their lives. These figures underscored the pressing need to prioritize road safety and legal compliance within the food delivery industry.

The Minister commended the willingness of food delivery platforms to cooperate in finding solutions to these issues. Among the proposed solutions discussed was the implementation of road tax expiration reminder notifications to help riders stay compliant with transportation laws.
Fahmi Fadzil concluded by expressing his commitment to working with p-hailing platforms and the gig economy sector to advance the digital economy in Malaysia. This initiative aims to ensure that riders can continue their work safely and within the bounds of the law.

This move by Minister Fahmi Fadzil highlights the government’s dedication to addressing road safety concerns within the food delivery industry, with a focus on collaboration and innovation to enhance the well-being of riders and road users alike.