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Ministry Dismisses Fine For Not Clicking ‘Check Out’ On MySejahtera App

The Health Ministry has denied issuing any infographic imposing RM1,500 fine on those failing to click ‘check out,’ from premises using the MySejahtera app. This comes after an infographic claiming RM1,500 fine to individuals who did not click ‘check out’ on their MySejahtera app went viral on WhatsApp. The department also urged the public not to share any fake or unverified information, which could create confusion.

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In a statement, the Communications and Multimedia Ministry Quick Response Team revealed the viral infographic circulating on WhatsApp is not true. The department is not fining RM1,500 to individuals as stated in the infographic.

The ‘check out’ feature is an update in the new MySejahtera Version. This allows the app to track the duration of time a person is spending in a particular location.

Further adding that the public can get the latest verified information from the ministry’s official social media page or website.