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MP Urges Unity and Vigilance to Safeguard Malaysia’s Future Amid Rising Extremism and Hate Speech: Report

On August 31st each year, Malaysians celebrate their nation’s independence with the chant “MERDEKA!” and recall Sudirman Arshad’s iconic Tanggal 31 Ogos song, symbolizing freedom, fairness, and justice. However, there’s been a concerning rise in hate speech, racial prejudices, and religious intolerance on social media, along with extremism and radical ideologies worldwide.

As an experienced MP, you’ve witnessed this trend and believe it’s crucial to counter it, not just through law and order, but by equipping young people with political education and encouraging open discussions on politics, history, and culture. You emphasize the importance of awareness about the Federal Constitution and rule of law.

You remind Malaysians that their nation deserves better than divisive politics and extremism. Drawing inspiration from Indonesia’s Pancasila principles, you highlight the need for unity, growth, and development. The 53-year-old Rukunegara’s message of unity and harmony remains significant, urging Malaysians to prioritize their shared identity over ethnic backgrounds.

You express disappointment over the distortion of Rukunegara’s message and emphasize the significance of the upcoming 66th Merdeka celebration under the united Madani Government. This government represents a new Malaysia that focuses on various aspects including the economy, environment, education, healthcare, human rights, and civil liberties.

You stress the importance of safeguarding Rukunegara and unity from threats of extremism, fanaticism, and radicalism to ensure a glorious Malaysia for future generations. Your call is for Malaysians to come together and work towards preserving the nation’s values and unity.