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Muhyiddin Granted Permission to Travel to Thailand Amidst Money Laundering Charges

Former Malaysian Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, who is facing money laundering charges, has received permission to travel to Thailand. The decision was made by Sessions Court judge Azura Alwi. She granted Muhyiddin’s request to retrieve his passport temporarily. This ruling allows him to travel to Bangkok next week. He plans to attend the opening of a restaurant on February 15.

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Reasoning Behind the Travel Request

Muhyiddin stated in his application the importance of his visit to Bangkok. He highlighted the necessity of meeting with Malaysian businessmen. The purpose was to discuss matters beneficial to the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Granting of the Application

Judge Azura approved Muhyiddin’s application. She instructed the return of his passport and set a deadline for its re-submission by February 23.

Consideration of Restrictions and Flight Risk

Although Judge Azura imposed several restrictions on Muhyiddin, including surrendering his passport, she emphasized the importance of allowing him to fulfill his responsibilities until proven guilty. She asserted that there was no evidence suggesting Muhyiddin posed a flight risk.

Legal Representation and Opposition

Muhyiddin was represented by Amer Hamzah Arshad. Deputy Public Prosecutor Noralis Mat opposed his application for passport retrieval.

Judicial Discretion

Judge Azura underscored that bail conditions aimed to ensure Muhyiddin’s court presence. She acknowledged the discretion of the court in such matters. She emphasized the need to balance legal proceedings with personal freedoms.

Previous Application for Passport Release

This isn’t the first time Muhyiddin applied for the temporary release of his passport. He previously made a similar request on January 31 to travel to Bangkok.

Reflections on Legal Proceedings and Personal Freedoms

This decision raises questions about the balance between legal proceedings and personal freedoms, particularly in high-profile cases involving public figures. It highlights the complexities surrounding the intersection of law and individual rights.

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