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For Media, People: PM’s Name Remains Muhyiddin Yassin

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s name will remain as it is for the media and people, a government clarified the confusion today. According to the statement, the PM’s name has only changed on the government’s document and it will be addressed by government officials. On Wednesday, Attorney General (AG) directed to change the name of Muhyiddin Yassin as Mahiaddin Md Yasin as per the official document of the PM.

The media and the people can address PM Muhyiddin Yassin with his same old name. According to the PM office, PM’s name changed on office documents and asked government official to make it change.

“The memo does not change anything. To the media and public it is still Muhyiddin. There is no change on that score whatsoever,” said the statement.

According to the court order, the circular dated June 3 by AG has stated that PM must use his official name as per the documents. He must be known as Mahiaddin Md Yasin or Tan Sri Dato Haji Mahiaddin Md Yasin, the circular said.