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Muhyiddin’s Allegations Spark Controversy: Lim Kit Siang Demands Clarity: Report

Veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang questions ex-PM Muhyiddin’s claim that UMNO is subservient to DAP, challenging ties to Dr. Mahathir’s downfall. Highlighting Dr. Mahathir’s role as a PAS adviser, Lim questions subservience. Muhyiddin’s party suggests a constitutional amendment limiting non-Malays as PM, drawing criticism. Anwar accuses the opposition of racial manipulation, urging a deeper understanding of the Federal Constitution. The complex web of statements reveals heightened tensions in Malaysian politics, centered around race, leadership, and party affiliations.


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In a recent development in Malaysian politics, veteran DAP leader Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang has raised probing questions regarding former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s assertion that UMNO is subservient to DAP. The exchange of statements has brought to light a complex web of political interactions and allegations.

Muhyiddin’s Claim and Lim’s Challenge:

Muhyiddin’s claim that a non-Malay could become prime minister in the future due to DAP’s influence has been met with skepticism from Lim Kit Siang. Lim challenges Muhyiddin to explain his linking of the Sheraton Move to the downfall of Dr. Mahathir’s second government, alleging subservience to DAP.

Dr. Mahathir’s Role and Lim’s Reflections:

Lim Kit Siang questions Muhyiddin’s characterization of Dr. Mahathir as subservient to DAP, highlighting Dr. Mahathir’s current role as an adviser to PAS-governed states. Lim reflects on a past secret meeting where Muhyiddin sought DAP’s support for the prime ministership, raising questions about motives.

Wan Ahmad Fayhsal’s Response and Abdul Karim’s Critique: Muhyiddin’s party’s Youth chief, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal, suggests a constitutional amendment limiting the prime ministership to Malays, drawing criticism from Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah. The latter emphasizes the need for leaders to abandon ethnocentric perspectives for Malaysia’s progress and international respect.

Anwar’s Response:

Anwar responds to Muhyiddin’s claims, accusing the opposition of playing up racial sentiments. He calls for a better understanding of the Federal Constitution before making controversial suggestions about the prime minister’s race.


The ongoing exchange of statements underscores the political debates and tensions surrounding race, leadership, and party allegiances in Malaysia. The intricacies of past interactions and present assertions add layers to the evolving narrative, leaving the Malaysian political landscape in a state of heightened scrutiny.