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Good News! Nasi Lemak Seller Mary Gets PPR Flat, Stall Licence From Govt

Kuala Lumpur: In a heart-warming news, the government today presented a PPR flat and a hawker’s licence to Mary, a single mother who had previously been selling nasi lemak and mee hoon, before her plight came to limelight through social media.

Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa also handed over keys of the PPR flats to Nurajahan Mariamah Abdullah. Her flat is in People’s Housing Project (PPR) in Seri Cempaka, Jalan Kampung Pasir, with a rental of RM124 per month.

Musa said that Mary will be able to sell other things besides nasi lemak with Nasi Lemak.

Mary also expressed her happiness and said that she is focussed to grow her business.

If you wish to get a taste of Mary’s Nasi Lemak, you can find her stall at Jalan Desa Utama from 7am, just in front of the Telekom Malaysia building.