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Neelofa Bid Goodbye To Some 4,000 Photos After Deciding To Wear Niqab

Kuala Lumpur: Popular TV host and entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor bids farewell to her 4,000 veilless photos, after deciding to wear niqab.

The 31-year old recently got engaged to preacher PU Riz or Muhammad Haris Ismail. Now she has reduced the number of photos displayed from 7,568 to 2,648.

The photos which is removed included her attending several fashion shows in Malaysia and overseas over the last few years, when she modelled for several fashion brands.

Now, most of her photos consist of spiritual messages and of her pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and some photos of herself with family members and her conducting business activities.

She is being praised by the Netizen’s, who describes her as a courageous woman for following her religion and wanting to change for better.

Some said, “May we all be blessed like Lofa, to do good in this world and the next”. While the called it a wise and bold decision.