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Never Worked For Deputy Prime Minister’s Position: Hishammuddin

Kuala Lumpur: Foreign minister Hishammuddin Hussein has denied claims of working to become Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. This comes after recent speculation of him being a possible candidate for the position of deputy Prime Minister.

UMNO vice-president stated that he had never worked in that direction, he expressed his gratitude to the party members who supported him to represent as UMNO minister.

Recently, Sin Chew Daily’s article reported that Hishammuddin is the next possible candidate for the Deputy Prime Minister’s position.

He stated that his party is focused on parliamentary meetings, the 2021 Budget and on containing the spread of the virus. Adding to that, the party is currently interested in more severe issues than positions.

He added that the statement was in accordance with UMNO’s President’s recent statement and also Agong’s advice to stop politicking. “Whatever stance and decision are for the party’s interest – in the past, now and forever,” he said.