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New Evidence Emerges in Radzi Jidin’s Case, Confirms MACC Chief Azam Baki

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief, Azam Baki, has announced the discovery of new evidence in the ongoing investigation into Putrajaya MP Radzi Jidin and his alleged involvement in an RM80 million book project during his tenure as the education minister. Speaking at an event held at the Kajang prison, Azam revealed that the investigating officers had gathered significant new information, prompting the continuation of the inquiry. However, he remained tight-lipped about whether the MACC would summon Bersatu vice-president Radzi for a statement, deferring to the agency’s investigation team for a decision.

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Last week, the MACC apprehended two individuals, including a former political secretary to a former minister, on suspicion of soliciting and accepting bribes related to the RM80 million project tied to a government ministry. The first suspect, in his twenties, had previously served as a political secretary, while the second, a man in his late fifties, owned a company implicated in the case. Both individuals allegedly conspired with the former minister to secure the approval of the book project through direct negotiations.

In response to his recent arrest, Radzi vehemently denied granting approval for the project via direct negotiations. He suggested that the MACC’s actions were orchestrated in retaliation for his impassioned confrontation with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim during the Dewan Rakyat session on September 19. Radzi’s outburst followed repeated demands for Anwar to retract his statements against Radzi and the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition. Subsequently, Radzi was expelled from the House, leading to a walkout by his fellow PN MPs in solidarity.

Azam Baki reiterated that there had been no external pressures influencing the investigation into Radzi, underscoring the MACC’s commitment to conducting a thorough and impartial inquiry.