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“No Pornographic Content, Work Taken Out Of Context”: Tamil Author Over Ban His Novel

Kuala Lumpur: Local Tamil author M Navin, unfazed by the ban on his novel, “Peichi”, said it does not contain any pornographic content as claimed by the home ministry. He claimed that content is based on true events and has been taken out of context by Ministry.

He said the work mainly revolves around the lives of the Tamil community in the 1980s and 1990s and life around oil palm estate and liquor distillation hubs.

However, he said that the only pornographic content in it is where he described the main lead of the novel being raped. Adding that it would have been an insult to the art of writing if he would have just mentioned the depravity in one line.

The ministry’s secretary-general, Wan Ahmad Dahlan Abdul Aziz, said the authorities had put a ban on the book, considering it consists of content which might affect the public interest.

While, Navin claims he did not get a chance to keep his side of the argument, and apart from that he wasn’t even notified before the ban was imposed.