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Non-Muslim People Slam Jaya Grocer After Shutting Down Its Non-Halal Section In Puncak Alam

Kuala Lumpur: A non-halal section has been shut down at Jaya Grocer’s newest outlet Eco Grandeur, Puncak Alam, Selangor. The move comes soon after a local politician raised the objection to the sell of alcohol at the outlet. The assemblyman named Mohd Shaid Rosli argued that non-halal items cannot be sold as Puncak Alam is the Malaysian territory and 90 percent people are Muslims.

He stated in his complaint to Jaya Grocer that selling alcohol will help in increasing crimes and social harmony in the region.

Soon After his objection, Jaya Grocer decided to close the non-halal section at its newly opened outlet in Puncak Alam.

But people are deeply disappointed with this decision, accusing the Jaya Grocer that it is being discriminated against non-Muslims people.

Hundreds of people have been commenting on Jaya Grocer’s official social media page on Facebook, urging to re-open non-halal section in its outlet.

“Jaya Grocer not only one religion staying in Puncak Alam. How about others? We were happy when Jaya grocer announced the opening but really disappointed. Don’t depend on that stupid YB too much for their personal political gain”, one user wrote on Facebook.

Taking a jibe at Jaya Grocer, another user wrote “Jaya Grocer I suggest you close the whole store at Puncak Alam including bukit jelutong. Someone will self-claimed “Malay Territory”