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Kian Ming Outlines Key Areas To From PH Govt

Kuala Lumpur: Former deputy minister and Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming pointed out the key areas Pakatan Harapan needs to work on, amid calls for an opposition reset. He said the PH should not wait for the Perikatan Nasional government to topple, instead should focus on convincing the people to return their mandate at the next general election.

He said that before a complete reset, the opposition needed to change its direction and focus, while it should start from uniting the 108 opposition MPs as one united front.

However, he said forming a new government through a non-electoral manner would further destabilise politics. But if the MPs work together as one, it would form the strongest opposition bench in Malaysian history.

The former deputy international trade and industry minister said the opposition should now focus on consolidating and maintaining a balance and let the voters decide the result at the end.

Meanwhile, he said the PH must start preparing for Sarawak state elections and GE15, without being further confused about taking over the current government.