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Pakatan Trust In Anwar Shrinking As He Has Yet To Prove His Majority Support

Kuala Lumpur: Pakatan Harapan’s trust in opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is shrinking with passing days, as he has not yet proved his strong and majority support of MPs in the parliament.

According to Malay Mail reports, Anwar’s inner circle and other members of the party are fighting amongst themselves, as disappointment in Anwar is growing day by day.

Earlier, after the Budget 2021 was tabled, Anwar asked for another week to prove his claim to have formidable majority support.

According to a unanimous source, Anwar failed to gain the government MPs support, including the UMNO leaders.

Another source revealed that Anwar is being mocked by allies and opposition parties over his strong, formidable and convincing numbers of support.

However, his supporters have faith in him that he would prove his statement and also that PH MPs have signed an agreement to support Anwar as the next prime minister.