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HomeMalaysia NewsPandikar Amin, 6 Others File Petition Over Sabah Elections Outcome

Pandikar Amin, 6 Others File Petition Over Sabah Elections Outcome

Kuala Lumpur: Former Dewan Rakyat speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia and six other aggrieved parties have filed a petition, questioning the outcome of the 16th Sabah state elections.

The joint petition is from the seats of Pintasan, Karambunai, Darau, Sindumin, Petagas and Kukusan.

The state elections were held on 26 September 2020.

An official from the Attorney-General’s chambers confirmed that the petition was signed in the election court within 21 days after the result was declared.

The AGC will be representing the officers, while the EC has been named as respondents to the action.

Pandikar contested from the Pintasan seat and lost to Fairuz Renddan of Perikatan Nasional-PPBM.

Fairuz won the seat with a 84-vote majority over second-placed Pandikar from Usno. While there were two petitions filed for the Sindumin seat. One was disqualified, as he was bankrupt and the second lost in a six-cornered fight.

According to section 35A, all election challenges must be completed within six months after a petition is filed.