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HomeMalaysia News“Taliban Has Changed”: PAS Leader Hadi Awang

“Taliban Has Changed”: PAS Leader Hadi Awang

PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang has said that the western media is spreading propaganda and false narrative against the Taliban. He said that the Taliban is no longer the same they were in 90s. He said the Taliban has pardoned those who were working with the US government.

His statement came a day after his son and Batu Buruk assemblyman Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi came under huge backlash for congratulating the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan.

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PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang also defended the radical Islamic organization in his party mouthpiece Harakahdail, saying that the group has changed for the better. He said that the Western media reporting negative stories on the Taliban, “don’t trust them,” Hadi said.

The latest move, a more intelligent negotiation process to deal with representatives of US diplomats, has shown their ingenuity in dealing with opponents. Until finally, they managed to capture the Afghan capital Kabul peacefully, he said in his party mouthpiece.

Earlier, Facebook and Twitter took down his son Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi’s post, in which he had praised the Taliban and their victory.

In his social media posts, he had said that “independence” achieved by Afghanistan was the result of the efforts of all Afghans to liberate their homeland.

Malaysian government is yet to clear its stand on the Taliban.

On August 15, the Taliban took more than 90 per cent of Afghanistan’s territory under its control, claiming victory against 20 years-long bloody war.