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Perak To Get New Government As DAP Gives Signal To Work With Rival UMNO

Kuala Lumpur: The Perak DAP said its party is looking cooperate and work with UMNO for the well-being of the public. The party said it is ready to form a new government with the help of UMNO, however, only if they consider two aspects.

Firstly, DAP prioritises public prosperity and well-being as the main agenda and secondly, all the allegations calling DAP anti-Malay and anti-Islam are fake.

However, in a statement, Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming said that working with DAP would mean working with Pakatan Harapan partners PKR and Amanah.

He said that his party is very particular with sensitive matters like corruption and money-laundering and would not compromise on it. However, he proposed that in a written agreement, they must formalise that the government’s principle will be establishing a clean and multiracial government.

Earlier, Ahmad Faizal Azumu tendered his resignation as Perak menteri besar, a day after he lost a vote of confidence in the State Assembly sitting.