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HomeMalaysia NewsPM Anwar Launches Innovative 'Mission-Based' New Industrial Master Plan

PM Anwar Launches Innovative ‘Mission-Based’ New Industrial Master Plan

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim unveiled the New Industrial Master Plan (NIMP) 2030, marking a significant step towards transforming Malaysia into a high-tech industrialized nation. In contrast to previous industrial initiatives, NIMP 2030 adopts a mission-based approach, underpinned by four strategic missions. These missions aim to stimulate innovation, embrace technology and digital transformation, promote net-zero practices, and foster inclusivity. Anwar emphasized the plan’s potential to enhance Malaysia’s global competitiveness and create new economic growth opportunities. Supported by four key enablers, the NIMP 2030 seeks to address systemic challenges and institutional hurdles. The plan requires an estimated RM95 billion in investments, mainly from the private sector, with a seven-year timeline for goal achievement.