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Police Arrest 58 Suspects in Online Forex Scam Operation in Bangsar : Report

In a major crackdown, authorities in Bangsar have apprehended 58 individuals linked to an extensive online forex scam operation. The suspects are accused of fraudulent activities related to foreign exchange trading. Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the case to uncover the extent of the scam and bring those responsible to justice.

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In a recent development, law enforcement authorities took swift action, arresting 58 individuals suspected of involvement in an online forex investment scam at three business premises in Bangsar. The operation was spearheaded by the Brickfields district police chief, Amihizam Abdul Shukor.

Those apprehended included 24 local men, 32 local women, along with a foreign man and woman, all aged between 20 and 59 years old. During the raid, the police seized significant evidence, including 50 laptops, four mobile phones, nine computer tables, one wifi modem, and two investment buntings.

Investigations revealed that the syndicate was using various social media platforms to promote and offer fraudulent investments, targeting victims not only in Malaysia but also in Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Singapore, and various European countries. As a result of these findings, all suspects have been remanded for further investigations under Sections 420, 511, and 120(B) of the Penal Code.

In a separate operation, the police arrested two local men, aged 42 to 62, on suspicion of drug trafficking in Taman Sri Petaling. During the raid, authorities seized 5.2kg of Erimin 5 pills valued at RM221,000. Additionally, one of the suspects tested positive for drugs. Both individuals have been remanded for six days to aid investigations under Section 38(B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

This swift and comprehensive police action underscores the commitment to combating online scams and drug-related activities in the region, promoting safety and security within the community.