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“Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim Commends Government Agencies’ Performance and Calls for Paradigm Shift in Upholding National Dignity”

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim expressed his contentment with the performance exhibited by various government agencies during his eight-month tenure. Specifically mentioning Amanah Raya Berhad (AmanahRaya), a finance ministry agency, Anwar commended its favorable performance under his leadership.

Having completed nearly eight months in office, Anwar highlighted his dedication to overseeing each agency diligently, ensuring their efficiency and transparency on a significant scale. He acknowledged AmanahRaya’s positive performance so far and urged the entire organization to maintain this excellence, emphasizing that the responsibility extends beyond leadership to the entire machinery of the agency.

Speaking at the celebration of AmanahRaya’s 100th anniversary and the launch of its commemorative logo, Anwar underscored the agency’s weighty duty in safeguarding the interests of marginalized groups like the poor, individuals with disabilities, and orphans. He emphasized that failing to fulfill this responsibility adequately would be a betrayal of religious values.

Anwar called for collective readiness to bring about a paradigm shift in efforts to uphold the nation’s dignity. He stated that such transformation was a demand of Islam, entailing the abandonment of detrimental elements that harm the nation. Anwar urged all parties to embrace the evolving world and adopt new strategies while leaving behind negative and destructive aspects. He emphasized that this change should stem from a virtuous conscience and soul.