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Prominent Malaysian Activist Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri Advocates Unity and Peace in Malaysia

Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri, the founder of Project Fearless, a well-known Malaysian activist and international speaker, has highlighted the importance of unity and peace in Malaysia. In a TikTok video that has gained significant attention, she expressed her appreciation for the diverse and harmonious coexistence of different races and religions in Malaysia. She emphasized that while no country is perfect, Malaysia stands out as a nation that successfully maintains peace and unity despite its diversity.

Nurul Ashiqin, who has traveled extensively and represented Malaysia at various international conferences, called on fellow Malaysians to value their country’s independence and the unity it embodies. She urged people not to allow divisive elements to disrupt the harmony that Malaysia has achieved. She reminded viewers of the troubling events occurring in other parts of the world and encouraged them to stand united against any attempts to sow discord.

Having served in key roles such as Project Director for Yayasan JUWITA and Regional Forum Director for World Communication Forum Davos – Kuala Lumpur, Nurul Ashiqin brings a wealth of experience to her advocacy efforts. She holds a Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) degree from Mara University of Technology and a Master of International Business Law (LL.M) from Vrije Universiteit.

Nurul Ashiqin expressed concern about a growing trend of radical political stances among certain youth demographics during recent elections. She attributed this trend to manipulation by specific groups aiming to divide the nation for their own gains. In her message, she highlighted that these divisive actions do not serve the best interests of the country and its people.

Professionally, Nurul Ashiqin serves as an International Speaker, Head of Programme, Law Lecturer, and Activist. She has spoken at prestigious international forums such as the World Communication Forum in Davos and the European Association of Communication Directors Forum in Lisbon. She has been recognized for her contributions, recently receiving the “Relationship of the Future” Award from the World Communication Forum.

Nurul Ashiqin’s vision revolves around empowering Malaysian women’s voices on a global scale and promoting their participation in various fields. Through her advocacy and impactful speeches, she aims to reinforce the core values of Malaysian society and encourage unity and understanding among its people.