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5 Additional Suspects Apprehended in Ongoing Rawang Murder Investigation

The Rawang murder case has witnessed a significant development with the recent arrest of five additional suspects connected to the discovery of a man’s body concealed behind a residence in Sungai Choh. Acting Gombak police chief Noor Ariffin Nasir disclosed that the suspects, spanning ages 19 to 45, are set to undergo a seven-day remand, marking a swift response to the unfolding events, with all involved individuals successfully captured within a 24-hour timeframe.

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Multi-Location Arrest Operations:

The arrests transpired at three distinct locations, commencing with the apprehension of a man and two women at the Desa Aman Puri apartment. Following this, two men were detained later in the day in Puncak Alam and Sungai Choh. Noor Ariffin Nasir addressed speculations, refuting the involvement of the victim’s girlfriend and dispelling rumors connecting the murder to a purported lewd video featuring the woman.

Progress in Post-Mortem and Investigation:

The acting Gombak police chief provided an update on the investigation, stating that a post-mortem on the victim had been concluded. The examination revealed visible signs of injuries, wounds, and bruising on both the head and the entire body. However, Nasir cautioned against premature conclusions, emphasizing the necessity of awaiting laboratory test results to confirm the precise cause of death.

Context of Earlier Arrests:

This recent development follows a report by FMT on Saturday, highlighting the initial discovery of a buried body in Sungai Choh, Rawang. The incident was traced back to an altercation between two men at the residence, resulting in the death of one. On the same day, local authorities had swiftly arrested two men, aged 29 and 33, along with a 32-year-old woman, all suspected to be involved in the tragic incident.