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Ready To Work With Dr M, If There Is No Personal Agenda: Anwar Ibrahim

Kuala Lumpur: Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has announced that he is willing to work with former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad as long as the coalition’s principles are respected.

Earlier, several opposition lawmakers called for a grand coalition and a consensus within the coalition would decide whether Dr M would be a part of it or not.

After the launch of the book 100 Essays and Literature of The Reform Era 2008 –2011 at the Institute Darul Ehsan, he said he is leaving the decision over who can be invited on PH.

He stressed that anyone who wants in has to follow the principles and cannot bring their own personal agenda.

PKR leader further added that one has to be clear on their agendas to combat political corruption, and commit to champion and help the plight of the rural poor, and the marginalised communities