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Recording Police Raid Is Every Person’s Right: Detained Activist Wong Yan Ke Says

Kuala Lumpur: A student activist and Universiti Malaya graduate denied claims of obstructing police from arresting him for recording a raid.

Wong, who is the former president of the University of Malaya Association of New Youth (UMANY), stated that he received a message from Umany’s current president Yap Wen Qing on 7 November.

The message read that a few persons in plain clothes were forcibly entering Yap’s house from the front door. Wong, along with a lawyer, reached the place to support Yap. Instead, he started videotaping during the police raid and streamed live on Facebook.

He explained that he did it as a precaution against vigilantes and also because he did not identify the policemen.

Wong pointed out that the policemen were in plain clothes, which confused him. He stated that many UMANY members were receiving harassing and threatening calls. He further added that taping was important to avoid violating any rules.

He said he was then handcuffed and brought to Petaling police station, where he agreed to cooperate with them. He denied the claims that he obstructed the police from doing their duty and stated that all he did was videotape the incident.

Further, adding that citizens have the right to record the law enforcement process and that it was unnecessary to arrest an unarmed man for doing nothing obstructive.

Wong, who has been vocal about the Agong’s activities in Malaysia’s politics, was arrested this week by police from his home.