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Sanusi Denies PAS Agenda, Accuses Zahid of Hidden Motives in Malay Party Partnership

Kedah’s Menteri Besar, Sanusi Nor, has countered accusations from Umno President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, asserting that it was Zahid who had ulterior motives in reviving the partnership between the largest Malay parties. Amid claims that PAS sought to rekindle ties with Umno through Muafakat Nasional (MN), Sanusi claimed that Zahid took control of the pact after its formation, steering it away from its original aim of uniting Muslims. Sanusi emphasized the significance of PAS’s involvement in political cooperation, casting doubt on Zahid’s political future without PAS’s support.

Zahid Accused of Manipulating Malay Party Partnership

In response to allegations made by Umno President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Kedah’s Menteri Besar, Sanusi Nor, has come forward to challenge the claims of a hidden agenda by the Islamic party PAS. Zahid had insinuated that PAS harbored undisclosed motives for advocating the revival of the partnership between Umno and PAS. Sanusi, however, countered this assertion by revealing that it was Zahid himself who had clandestine intentions in the Muafakat Nasional (MN) alliance, which was established in 2019 to appeal to the Malay electorate.

Chronology of Accusations

The exchange of accusations unfolded as Sanusi shed light on the sequence of events. He elucidated that the manipulation of MN’s direction occurred after the initial efforts by PAS’s deputy, Mohamad Hasan, in forming the alliance. According to Sanusi, Zahid’s involvement only materialized once he returned from vacation, subsequently reshaping the pact to be solely between Umno and PAS. This shift, Sanusi emphasized, deviated from MN’s intended purpose of fostering unity among Muslims.

Zahid’s Response and PAS’s Stand

In response to Sanusi’s claims, Zahid dismissed the notion of Umno revisiting the MN alliance with PAS. Zahid insinuated that PAS may harbor ulterior motives behind the proposed partnership revival. He further asserted that Umno had no intention of aligning with leaders of parties he regarded as “scheming.” This response came after former Umno leader Tajuddin Abdul Rahman proposed the revival of MN. However, PAS’s Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man maintained that the party remained open to cooperation via MN, provided it did not involve alliances with leaders willing to collaborate with DAP.

PAS’s Integral Role and Zahid’s Ambitions

Highlighting PAS’s pivotal role in Malaysia’s political landscape, Sanusi emphasized that any political collaboration in the country would be futile without the party’s participation. Labeling PAS as a “kingmaker,” Sanusi underscored its influential position. Furthermore, he cast doubt on Zahid’s political future, deeming it likely to falter due to his critical political standing if PAS’s support was absent.

In the backdrop of these allegations and counter-accusations, the partnership dynamics between Umno and PAS remain clouded by intrigue and claims of hidden agendas, leaving the future of the alliance uncertain.