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HomeSarawak Premier Dismisses Idea of State Currency Proposed by Federal Minister: Report

Sarawak Premier Dismisses Idea of State Currency Proposed by Federal Minister: Report

KUCHING – Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg responded to Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi’s recent statement regarding the possibility of Sarawak having its own currency. Abang Johari stated that Nanta’s suggestion was merely his personal opinion and that he found the idea complex and in need of thorough examination before any decisions could be made.

Abang Johari expressed his confusion about Nanta’s proposal, stating, “That issue is very complicated – I don’t know why he said this. But that is Nanta’s view. We have to study it in detail first. But we have Malaysia, so we follow Malaysia’s currency.”

Nanta Linggi, the federal works minister, had made the suggestion in a podcast titled “From Malaya to Malaysia: 60 Years,” in which he implied that Sarawak might consider introducing its own currency if Malaysia’s economic conditions did not improve. He emphasized the importance of considering this option due to Sarawak’s positive economic growth.

However, Nanta did not specify under which law Sarawak would gain the authority to issue its currency, as the federal constitution currently grants exclusive power over currency to the federal government.

The Premier’s response came during the state-level National Anti-Scam Roadshow at the Borneo Cultures Museum. While Nanta’s idea has sparked discussion, it appears that the concept of Sarawak having its own currency remains a complex and uncertain topic in the region.