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SM Entertainment Responds to Haechan’s Indoor Smoking Fine

In response to the imposition of a fine on NCT’s Haechan for indoor smoking, SM Entertainment issued a statement. This comes after a behind-the-scenes dance practice video for “Be There For Me” was released on NCT 127’s YouTube channel on January 10. The video raised eyebrows as it appeared to show Haechan using an electronic cigarette indoors.

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SM Entertainment’s Official Response:

SM Entertainment promptly addressed the incident, releasing an official statement on January 11. The statement confirmed Haechan’s use of an e-cigarette indoors as captured in the dance practice video. Importantly, it also affirmed Haechan’s commitment to settling the imposed fine from the relevant health department on the same day, January 11. The agency expressed sincere apologies for the concerns raised by this incident and pledged heightened vigilance to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Confirmation and Fine Settlement:

The official statement not only affirmed the veracity of the captured footage but also emphasized Haechan’s intention to promptly settle the imposed fine. This acknowledgment of responsibility is coupled with an expression of regret from SM Entertainment, recognizing the impact of Haechan’s actions on the public and fans alike. The agency’s commitment to preventing future incidents is outlined as a key priority in their response.

Transparent Accountability and Apology:

SM Entertainment’s response reflects a commitment to transparency and accountability. By promptly addressing the controversy, acknowledging the violation, and taking immediate steps to rectify the situation, the agency aims to mitigate concerns among fans and the general public. The issuance of a formal apology underscores the seriousness with which the agency views Haechan’s indoor smoking incident.

Moving Forward:

This incident has undoubtedly raised concerns among fans and the public. SM Entertainment’s proactive approach in addressing the matter head-on, coupled with a commitment to preventive measures, indicates a determination to uphold the integrity of its artists. As the situation unfolds, both NCT enthusiasts and the broader public will be keenly observing any subsequent developments and actions taken by both Haechan and SM Entertainment to ensure accountability and responsible conduct. The agency’s assurance to learn from this incident and prevent its recurrence adds a forward-looking dimension to their response.