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Some Names In Penang DAP Candidates’ List Not Proposed By State, Says Kon Yeow

Chow Kon Yeow, the Penang DAP chairman, admitted today that the state’s candidates list that was made public was different from the one that the state committee had proposed. He said that some of the candidates who were chosen by the party’s national candidate selection committee were not in the state committee’s recommendation. He also said that some of the candidates who were recommended by the state committee were not picked. He said this caused some unhappiness among the party members during a press conference this morning when he was asked about the alleged “infighting” in the party.

He said that most of the internal disputes in the party were related to the candidate selection process. He explained again how the party selected its candidates. He said that the state committee had its own candidate selection committee that interviewed candidates who were nominated by the branches. He said that the state-level selection committee, which had five members, finalised the candidates list and submitted it to the national level selection committee for approval.

He said that he was invited to present and explain the list to the national selection committee, which had the final say on which candidates to field. He said that this was the list that was announced by the party secretary-general Anthony Loke on Tuesday. When asked if an “emperor” decided on the candidates, as claimed by former Bagan Dalam assemblyman M. Satees, Chow said that he was not part of the national selection committee that made the final decision. He said that the national selection committee had five members, namely the national chairman, deputy national chairman, vice-chairmen Nga Kor Ming and K. Kulasegaran and the secretary-general Anthony Loke.

He also said that he had no issues with former deputy chief minister II P. Ramasamy, who was also dropped from the list.

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