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Sony Corp To Shut A Malaysia Factory To Consolidate Facilities

Kuala Lumpur: The Japanese electronics giant said that Sony Corp will shut a factory in Malaysia next year to consolidate its operation in its other projects effectively.

In an email to Reuters, the company stated that they always consider market conditions, business growth potential and other factors before investing.

Penang-based Human Resources Division head Ric Ong revealed that the company is seeking to transfer its project in Penang to Selangor to increase operational efficiency.

The move will affect at least 3,600 employees in Penang, while the factory will close in March 2022 after stopping its operation in September 2021. However, few of the employees would be transferred to the other factory.

Earlier, Sony started its plant in 1973, where it began marketing, selling and servicing consumer electronics products, as well as broadcast and professional products and solutions. Penang has for years been a manufacturing hub for foreign investors.