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Speaker Harun Explain Why He Refused To Table A No-confidence Motion Against PM Muhyiddin

Kuala Lumpur: Speaker Azhar Azizan Harun today said that he declined to play along with no-confidence motion being passed against Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin considering that the speaker is powerless to bring forward the motion of no-confidence on the order paper.

He said that he is not obligated to follow what other speakers are doing, referring to how the motion of confidence against Ahmad Faizal Azumu was passed.

He said he had no idea how the Perak State Assembly Speaker managed to bring the matter to the table. Adding that he clearly has no idea what powers he exercised to do so, however, he does not want to follow other speakers and their actions.

Azhar stressed that he has in-depth knowledge on the matter and he has done his part of the research, according to which the Speaker has no power to table the motion of no-confidence in the ordering paper.

He added that he could present his research to prove his point, while he also mentioned that he had not come across such indication that the government wants to bring forth such a motion.