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Stop Spreading Misinformation On Melawati Helicopter Crash: My Heli Club

Kuala Lumpur: My Heli Club has urged people to stop spreading rumours and misinformation about the unfortunate helicopter accident that happened in Taman Melawati, Ampang, last Sunday.

In a statement, its honorary treasurer, Leong Yeng Kit, said that they want some privacy and respect for the victims’ family, who are going through a tough time.

He stated that now they want people to stop spreading speculations and fake rumours, as all this would only delay the actual investigation process and would mislead the answers and closure that everybody wants from this tragic incident.

He added that the club has expressed its condolences to the family members of Commander Mohamed Sabri Baharom and Mohd Irfan Fikri Mohamed Rawi. The two were very kind and valued members of the community, Leong said.

He said they are cooperating with the authorities to gain insight into the matter, alongside grieving with the family for their loss.

Earlier, he stated that the two clubs sanctioned helicopters 9M-HCA and 9M-HCB left the Subang Airport around 11 am for a combined flight. Adding that the aircraft carried two people each and was flown by experienced pilots.