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HomeMalaysia NewsTragedy Strikes in Penang: 60-Year-Old Economy Rice Seller Brutally Murdered : Report

Tragedy Strikes in Penang: 60-Year-Old Economy Rice Seller Brutally Murdered : Report

Tradegy strikes in Penang; In a tragic incident on Jalan Perak, Penang, 60-year-old Teh Teik Chye, an economy rice seller, was brutally stabbed 27 times in an apartment parking lot on December 5. Residents had raised concerns about suspicious activities before the attack. Teh succumbed to his injuries despite prompt medical attention. Two suspects on a motorcycle are believed to be involved, and authorities are working to uncover the motive behind this shocking crime.

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In a shocking incident at an apartment parking lot on Jalan Perak, Penang, Teh Teik Chye, a 60-year-old economy rice seller, was brutally stabbed 27 times by unidentified assailants. The gruesome attack occurred around 6.18pm on December 5, leading to Teh’s tragic demise despite prompt medical attention.

Suspicious Activities Raised Concerns

Residents had previously noticed suspicious individuals around the elevator, expressing concerns about their activities. Acting Northeast police chief Superintendent V. Saravanan revealed this during a press conference held at the crime scene.

Discovery of the Victim

Following residents’ concerns, Teh was found lying on the ground with severe injuries. Emergency assistance was sought, and an ambulance arrived at 6.50pm. Despite being rushed to Penang Hospital, Teh succumbed to his injuries.

Two Suspects on a Motorcycle

Preliminary investigations indicate the involvement of two suspects who fled the scene on a motorcycle. While one carried out the brutal attack, the other kept a lookout for the police. The murder weapon, believed to be a short knife, was not yet recovered, though its sheath was found at the crime scene.

Victim’s Criminal History

Reports indicate that Teh had a significant criminal record, totaling 11 cases. However, police have ruled out robbery as a motive, as Teh’s belongings were still intact at the time of the incident.

Unanswered Questions Surrounding Motive

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are working to determine the motive behind this heinous crime. The community is left in shock, grappling with the brutal loss of a 60-year-old man whose life was abruptly taken in a seemingly senseless act of violence.