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HomeMalaysia NewsTwo Killed As 2 Helicopters Collided In Ampang

Two Killed As 2 Helicopters Collided In Ampang

Kuala Lumpur: Two helicopters were collided and crashed in Taman Melawati in Kuala Lumpur, the Ampang fire and rescue department reported.

In the accident two of the four people on board were killed. According to initial reports, the helicopter crashed behind a Tamil school.

The Fire and Rescue Department and police personnel stated that there were four victims during the inciden– three men and a woman.

Azmin Ali, who was present at the scene with the officials, said that it was an unfortunate accident and there are few casualties.

He said he was told about the mishap, while he was attending a programme in Bukit Antarabangsa on Sunday morning.

He hoped that the concerned authorities like the fire and rescue department and police will investigate the matter.