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Umno Council Member Urges DAP to Amend Constitution for Malay Voter Support in Coalition: Report

In a recent development, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, a member of the Umno Supreme Council, has urged their new ally, the Democratic Action Party (DAP), to make amendments to its party constitution. This move is intended to garner support from Malay voters within the federal government coalition. Nur Jazlan highlighted the challenge Umno faces in convincing its grassroots supporters of the alliance due to perceived “extreme” views held by DAP on matters such as a secular state and the concept of “Malaysian Malaysia.”

Nur Jazlan’s statement underscores that DAP must consider making significant changes if it seeks to gain the support of Malays in the upcoming 16th general election. He emphasized that dropping the agenda of a secular state and the slogan of Malaysian Malaysia from the party’s constitution would help dispel lingering concerns among Malays and allow them to accept DAP’s goals more readily.

While DAP has previously fielded Malay candidates, Nur Jazlan contends that these efforts have been viewed as minor by the Malay community. He questioned whether DAP would be willing to make a substantial sacrifice for its political survival by amending its constitution.

Despite Nur Jazlan’s assertions, Clause II of DAP’s party constitution primarily refers to the Federal Constitution as a secular document, with a “secular framework as the supreme law of the land.” Additionally, another article within the same clause promotes national integration and calls for unity among all races to form a united Malaysian identity.

It’s worth noting that since DAP became part of the unity government, both the party and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have reiterated their respect for the positions of Malays, Islam, and the Malay Rulers in the country.

Nur Jazlan stressed that Umno has already made a substantial sacrifice by cooperating with DAP, PKR, and Parti Amanah Negara. However, this collaboration has faced criticism from the grassroots level due to perceived extremism. Nur Jazlan believes that all parties within the federal government coalition need to adapt and change in order to gain acceptance from Malay voters in the evolving political landscape.

He cautioned that failure to enact significant reforms could result in continued rejection of DAP by Malay voters and, conversely, could lead to rejection of Umno due to its association with DAP. This scenario, according to Nur Jazlan, might prompt Malay voters to shift their support toward PAS in the future, potentially leading to an extreme political situation where DAP garners Chinese support and PAS becomes the choice for Malays.