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UMNO VP Ask PAS To Respect Party’s Outlook On Bersatu

Kuala Lumpur: Umno vice president Mohamed Khaled Nordin asked PAS to respect UMNO’s stand on Bersatu, considering that UMNO is looking to cooperate with PAS to win the upcoming general election.

This came after Former UMNO General- Secretary Annuar Musa announced that PAS would not support UMNO if the latter is not backing Bersatu.

In a statement, Khaled stated that his party was hopeful that PAS would respect UMNO’s decision and would not be forced to accept Bersatu.

Adding that UMNO is colliding with PAS because it respects its position, although it retracted its support for Perikatan Nasional (PN).

He said that the Muafakat Nasional charter never stops PAS from working with other parties, however, this is what UMNO expects from PAS.

He further added that Annuar’s statement does not represent PAS stand as he is not a PAS spokesman. He said that he only wants to save Bersatu and break Muafakat Nasional.

Khaled further stated that UMNO and PAS are currently prioritising seat allocation in the upcoming general election. And there would be times where UMNO will clash with Bersatu.

He said that UMNO’s collaboration with other parties would depend on their advantage at the ballot box. Adding that only jewellers will know the gem, UMNO should not be forced to accept anyone as a political partner.