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Defense Minister to Investigate LTAT Resignations, Prepares to Brief Cabinet, Reveals PM

In response to the recent resignations within the Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT Resignations), Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim disclosed that Defense Minister...
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Umno’s Puad Responds to PKR’s Leadership Overhaul: A Clash of Perspectives

Umno Supreme Council member Puad Zarkashi has entered the fray, countering PKR’s Hassan Karim’s call for a leadership overhaul within Umno. This exchange comes amidst Hassan’s assertion that Umno requires a new leader with integrity and charisma to rekindle support among Malays, a critical factor in Barisan Nasional’s recent electoral struggles.

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Puad’s Retort: Questioning Self-Awareness and Redirecting Focus

In response, Puad criticized Hassan’s purported lack of self-awareness. Puad urged Hassan to turn his attention inward, emphasizing that rather than scrutinizing Umno’s leadership, Hassan should advocate for change within PKR. Puad specifically pointed to the need for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, also the PKR president, to replace underperforming PKR ministers.

Evaluating PKR Ministers: Puad Highlights Rafizi Ramli’s Contributions

Puad questioned the achievements of PKR’s economy minister, Rafizi Ramli. In particular, Puad highlighted the central database hub (Padu) introduced by Rafizi on January 2, aiming to streamline the delivery of targeted subsidies. Puad’s challenge implies a call for a comprehensive assessment of PKR’s ministerial effectiveness.

Sarawak Premier’s Critique: Puad Points to PKR’s Silence

Puad drew attention to PKR leaders, including Hassan, maintaining silence in response to Sarawak premier Abang Johari Openg’s recent criticism of the country’s education policies. Abang Johari emphasized the insufficient emphasis on mastering the English language, prompting Puad to question why Hassan and other PKR leaders remained silent on this matter.

This clash of perspectives between Puad Zarkashi and Hassan Karim sheds light on the intricacies within political discourse, with each side advocating for change and accountability within their respective parties.

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