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Ustaz Ebit Lew Breaks Silence Over Caprice’s Allegation

Preacher and philanthropist Ustaz Ebit Lew has expressed regret over the recent allegations against him made by a local rapper Caprice about his humanitarian aid mission in Gaza. Ebit said that he does not care about the baseless allegations against him, but it is saddening when many parties jump into the controversy and make things worse. The controversy all over the social media in Ebit’s name arose after the rapper claimed that Malaysian preacher is helping in Gaza just because of “Social media content.”

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Ebit said in a video that whatever is happening on social media about his aid mission in Gaza is completely baseless and it could not halt his work. Ebit, who has been surrounded by controversy over the past few days, said it feels sad when people are involved in the unnecessary conversation to malign his image.

“Whatever I do is for the sake of Allah SWT alone. Even if people threaten me, I am not afraid of anyone. As far as words (controversy), I do not care, but when many others are involved in the same (in the situation), I feel sad,” he said.

“Even though I try to bring love, there are people who want to fight, want to hate. I don’t understand,” he further said.

However, the allegation was rubbished by Ebit’s assistant, Arief Farhan, via a post on Instagram.

The controversy started soon after rapper Caprice, Ariz Ramli, shared pictures on social media, showing a young Palestinian girl receiving a toy from Ebit Lew. The rapper claimed Palestinian people did not like the way Ebit is helping people on the Gaza belt. He also said that it looks like Ebit is helping people just for the photoshoot.