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HomeMalaysia NewsUstaz Ebit Lew Buys Water Tankers To Help People In Selangor

Ustaz Ebit Lew Buys Water Tankers To Help People In Selangor

PETALING JAYA: Ustaz Ebit Lew today came forward to help residents facing the huge water cuts in Selangor by purchasing two large water tankers.

Ebit, in a recent Facebook post, said that the water from the two tankers was distributed to residents of the fringes of Batu Caves.

Lew also said that several citizens had been asking for help and that clinics and dialysis centers in the area needed uninterrupted water supply the most.

A total of 1,196,457 Air Selangor user accounts involving 1,292 areas in the Klang Valley experienced unscheduled water supply disruptions yesterday, after four Sungai Selangor water treatment plants were shut down due to contamination of raw water sources.

Ebit also said that witnessing people queuing to collect water was not a good sight, seeing old people carrying water was saddening and that he asked help to aid them.