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Ustaz Ebit Lew Files Police Complaint Against Caprice And Others

Preacher and philanthropist Ustaz Ebit Lew has lodged a police complaint on Wednesday regarding various allegations made against him by several individuals recently. Speaking with the media, he said that he was slandered in the recent contagious issue and will make a further clarification in a press conference soon. The controversy sparked on social media after a local rapper Caprice claimed that Ebit’s aid mission in Gaza is just to gain publicity on social media.

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Lew, who has been known for his devoted social works, said that he filed a police report as he was disturbed following the recent allegations made by rapper Caprice.

“I am disappointed about this, I deny all the allegations that made against me and it is mere slander, Wallahi … not at all at all, it is slander,” he told the media after making a police report.

Talking to the media persons, he said, he named several individuals; among them were the Chief Executive Officer of Cinta Gaza Malaysia, Nadir Al-Nuri, rapper Caprice and several others.