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Water Supply Restoration in Kuala Lumpur on Track Despite Delay in Sungai Langat Treatment Plant Works : Report

The restoration of water supply in Kuala Lumpur remains on course, despite delays in the Sungai Langat Treatment Plant’s maintenance. Efforts are underway to ensure a swift resolution, with authorities working diligently to minimize disruptions. The commitment to providing clean water to residents remains a top priority, and the situation is being closely monitored to ensure public well-being.

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KUALA LUMPUR – Air Selangor, the water management authority, recently provided an update on ongoing improvements, maintenance, and asset replacement works at the Sungai Langat water treatment plant (LRA). While the completion of these works was slightly delayed, the organization assured that they would not hinder the full restoration of water supply to affected areas in Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, and Hulu Langat.

In a statement issued by Air Selangor, they mentioned that water supply would be gradually reestablished to consumers once the water distribution system is stabilized. The duration of the restoration process varies based on the proximity of users’ premises to the treatment plant.
It was further noted that full restoration of water supply from the Sungai Langat LRA is anticipated at 12 noon on Thursday, October 12.

Additionally, Air Selangor provided an update on the progress of water supply restoration in areas affected by the temporary shutdown of four LRAs due to odour pollution in Sungai Selangor. As of 7 pm, approximately 24.5% of the affected areas had their water supply successfully restored.
Despite a slight delay in the Sungai Langat LRA works, Air Selangor remains committed to ensuring water supply continuity to its consumers and is making progress in restoring services to areas previously affected by the odour pollution incident in Sungai Selangor.