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Who Leaked Agong’s Emergency Letter To PM Muhyiddin Yassin? Pas Youth To Lodge Police Report

Agong Letter On Emergency: PAS’ youth wing, Dewan Pemuda Pas, has said that it will report a police complaint regarding the dissemination of the letter from the Agong to the Prime Minister dated July 29. According to PAS Youth Council deputy, Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, the leak of the letter has threatened the stability and harmony of the country. “The letter, if it really exists, is definitely a secret and limited letter that should only be read by the recipient— the Prime Minister,” he said in a statement.

According to Ahmad Fadhli, “The act of disseminating the letter to the public, which was uploaded by some opposition leaders is a matter that contradicts the Official Secrets Act.”

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The letter, allegedly sent by Istana Negara to the Prime Minister regarding the issue of the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance, was posted on social media by a few people.

Commenting further, Ahmad Fadhli who is also the Member of Parliament for Pasir Mas, said that the action has also caused polemics and commotion among the community as well as appearing as if there is a crisis between the Palace and the Executive.

He said space should be given to both parties to resolve this issue based on the law and the framework of the Federal Constitution and not escalate further clashes.